Make Your Banner Notifications Smaller With Minibanners [Video]

If you have gotten tired of the way your notification banners look on your iPhone, then you might wanna look into this new jailbreak tweak called Minibanners. Minibanners doesn’t change any functionality or the way your notifications work, it just miniaturizes the banners and gives you the essentials.

It makes the banners smaller by removing the content part from the notifications banners and just leaves the app icon and the notification count and displays that in a miniaturized banner on your screen.

MiniBanners makes your Banners smaller by removing the Content-Part leaving only the Icon, App Name and a Badge that shows the Count of Notifications on it. Long press the banner to Dismiss.

If you are looking for a solution that removes all the non-essentials and just gives you your notifications in a concise and simple way, then Minibanners jailbreak tweak would enable that for you. As far as the performance goes, Minibanners performs just like your normal notification banners. If you swipe on a notification, it would dismiss it and clear the screen. And you can actually swipe down by tapping and holding the miniature banner and it brings up the notifications center.

Since it’s a pretty simple and straightforward jailbreak tweak, you get no settings with Minibanners. All you have to do is to just install it and you are good to go. So if you want to try something new or just want to mix up things on your screen by changing the way your notifications work, then give Minibanners jailbreak tweak a shot.

Minibanners is available to download for free and can be taken of ModMyi repository on Cydia. You would off-course need a jailbroken iPhone, so if you aren’t running a jailbroken set, then just check out our detailed jailbreaking guides, and use them to jailbreak your iPhone in no time.

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2 Responses to Make Your Banner Notifications Smaller With Minibanners [Video]

  1. Anthony Denney says:
    Thats brilliant. What is the name of the theme you’re using? It looks fantastic
  2. nicky says:
    you name is “Ayecon”

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