Temporarily Disable Notifications in Mac OS X Mountain Lion [Tip]

Notification Center is one of the biggest features introduced in MAC OS X Mountain Lion. It’s pretty useful because it gives you instant information about your social networking sites like Facebook, twitter but also tell you about the condition of your Mac. However, sometimes, it becomes really annoying, because you will get those Notifications again and again. What to do in these conditions? You can permanently disable the Notification Center by using a guide [Click Here]. However, if you are looking for a temporary solution so that you can re-enable it again.

  • Using Shortcut key from Keyboard:

Move your point to the Notification center bar at top menu and hit the Notification Center while holding the “Option” Key, it will disable your notification center. Grey button shows that notification center is disabled. You can use the same strategy to re-enable it.

  • Using Mouse or Trackpad:

Move your pointer to the notification Center icon in top menu, Click on it and it will reveal the “Notification Center”. Now, use the toggle to turn off the Notifications. You can simply turn it on again using the same method.

You can use any of the method mentioned above to temporarily disable the Notifications or can permanently disable the notifications using this method [Click Here].

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