How to add “Timer Button” in Camera app of iPhone?

We love Jailbreaking our iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad because of the vast variety of apps, tweaks and themes available for iDevices. These will not only make your iDevices elegant but also help you to tweak the Native apps on iOS. However, some of these tweaks are paid while others are free. We have found another free, little yet pretty useful tweak for Native Camera app of iPhone.

Have you ever missed a group photo due to the absence of Timer button in the camera app of your iPhone? If you use native camera app and want to have “timer button” in it, Camtime is that neat and clean tweak to help you to cope up with this problem. It will not do anything special but will simply add the timer button in the camera app of your iPhone.

How to use this tweak? Simply download and install it from Cydia. After doing so, you will see an extra timer button in the camera app of your iPhone. Now, Click on the timer button and set the time. When the time will run out, your iDevice will automatically take the picture. That’s it! This tweak works as promised. What do you think about this tweak? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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