Top 10 Winterboard and Dreamboard Themes for your iPhone 4/4S on 2012

Everyone wants the best of the best, and so we bring you the best themes in Cydia, from both the Winterboard and the Dreamboard platform. Get ready to feast your eyes on some of the greatest themes made that will make you awestruck.

Elite PRO HD (Winterboard)

Elegant, glossy and functional are the words that can truly describe this theme and if one of the best Winterboard themes out there.

Blackberry OS (Dreamboard)

This is a Dearmboard theme that looks really awesome and if you like the Blackberry interface then this is just the thing for you.

OS X Lion Ultimatum (Dreamboard)

This theme brings the Mac experience to your iPhone and that’s enough to say about this one, it’s simply amazing.

Leg1on HD (Winterboard)

The Leg1on theme is a very dark looking theme  that has blue lights on the icons and they give a very good feel to your iPhone. The icons are pretty heavily detailed and they look very cool.

266HD (Winterboard)

A minimalist design this theme has some great aesthetics and the icons look amazing.

OS7: Revive (Dreamboard)

If you want to have the Windows 7 interface on your iPhone then this is just the theme for you,  this is the enhanced version of the WyndWarrior’s genius OS7 theme, and be sure you remove any old OS7 themes before installing this one.

Boxor HD (Dreamboard)

This is a very popular theme and its one of those themes that kind of changes everything about the iPhone and this theme does it in a way unlike any other.

Asymmetric HD (Dreamboard)

A very simple theme that is made to give your iPhone a very nice look that is not at all messy and looks smooth.

iNitsua Z Twilight 3volution (Winterboard)

This theme has a lot going on for it and is the developers were really creative on this one.

1nfect3d HD (Winterboard)

This is a light colored theme with a very different outlook, the color accents can be changed to green, blue or purple while white remains the predominant color.


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4 Responses to Top 10 Winterboard and Dreamboard Themes for your iPhone 4/4S on 2012

  1. Raymond says:
    And this is why apple doesn’t allow customization of the look of the iphone, because people make this hideous crap. The OS7 is the only decent one and it’s just pulling from the windows phone.
  2. Tim says:
    Wich theme’s lockscreen is the one on the first pic?
  3. Cesar says:
    You forgot metroon for dreamboard
  4. Eric says:
    Update these themes more often please. thanks

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