How to Transfer Apps from Old iPhone to new iPhone via iCloud

Did you just have a new iPhone? Want to transfer all of your Apps from Old iPhone to the new iPhone without any problem? iCloud is the ultimate solution to get you out from a situation like this. iCloud was introduced with iOS 5; it helps you to save your data on Apple Server without the fear of being deleted from your iDevice. The even best part of iCloud is the sync, so, if you download an app on one device, it will be automatically downloaded on the other iDevices linked to your iCloud account.

This guide will help those users who want to transfer all apps from an Old iPhone to a new iPhone with the iCloud, so if you have an iPhone 2G or 3G or an iOS lower than iOS 4, this tutorial is not for you.

On your Old iPhone:

1st of all, you iPhone should be connected to iCloud and all of your data should be backup to the iCloud. The process of backup is pretty simple.

  • Click on settings and then tap on “iCloud”
  • Hit the “Storage and Backup”
  • Scroll down and turn on the “iCloud Backup”


Once your iDevice is sync with iCloud, you can easily transfer all apps and data to the new iPhone. The best part of iCloud is that it will automatically sync everything such as Mail, Calendar, Apps and their data to the Apple Server, so you can easily access that from every iDevice.

On your new iPhone:

When you are setting up a new iPhone, Apple will obviously give you three options:

  1. Set up as New iPhone
  2. Restore from iCloud Backup
  3. Restore from iTunes Backup


Select the second option and enter you iCloud login details to sync all of your data with the Apple server. It will download all those apps and their data which were previously present in your Old iPhone. One thing should be kept in mind, it downloads apps directly from the iTunes store, so if the app is removed from App store, you will not be able to get that app again on your new iPhone.

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