How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to iPhone without iTunes

How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to iPhone without iTunes? Well, transferring Outlook contacts to iPhone has been a very hectic job, because you will need the Apple’s iTunes to do this thing. However, if you don’t want to sync your contacts via iTunes, there’s a way which can help you to dig out this problem. To do this, firstly we will convert all these contacts into vCards and then we can easily transfer these vCards to iPhone and install contacts without iTunes.

How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to iPhone without iTunes:

Convert all the Outlook Contacts into vCards:

To do this, select all the contacts in Outlook and forward them to yourself as vCards.

Now, save all vCards in folders, for example, we save it in a “New Folder” in C drive

C:\New folder

Open Command Prompt, the easiest way to find it, Click on ‘Stat’ and search for cmd.

In Command Prompt, write the following commands, please change folder name and location according to your folder:

cd c:\Newfolder
copy /a *.vcf c:\allcards.vcf

That’s it! It will convert all your outlook contacts into one vCard file which is easy to transfer.

Transfer the Outlook Contact file into iPhone:

1. Create a new Email and attach the already created “allcards.vcf”. Now, send this file to the Email address which is set up on your iPhone.

2. On your iPhone, open that Email account and check the Email, from attachments, select “allcards.vcf” and tap on “Add All contacts”.

Viola! You have successfully copy all the outlook contacts to your iPhone without iTunes. Did you face any problem? Let us know in the comments section below.

(via OSX)

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3 Responses to How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to iPhone without iTunes

  1. Heather says:
    Thank you! I thought I was going crazy!
  2. Amy says:
    I followed all the instructions and still the email addresses do not show up in contacts on my iphone. I’ve tried this three separate times now and I am at my wits end. Help!
  3. Adam says:
    When I received the allcards.vcf file in my iphone 5, it was shown as winmail.dat. It couldn’t add to Contacts. Any help ?

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