Unfold 2.0 – Add Amazing Animations to Lockscreen

Animations are always fun, but Apple didn’t simply add the different animations to the Original iOS. Because sometimes they may make your iPhone a little bit slower or complex for the simple users. But Thanks to the Cydia Store by which we can avail approximately everything we want for our Apple Smartphone. Are you tired of the slide to unlock, “Unlocking” animations on your iPhone? Do you want to add some paper like animations for it?

Unfold is the great tweak which allows you to do this stuff. This tweak is pretty old and allows you to add smooth folding animation to the Lockscreen. Recently, an updated version of this tweak is released which has some settings too. From the settings, you can access different options, select “horizontal” or “Vertical” unfolding, you can also select that how much fold do you want. The best part about this tweak is that the developer has announced it as absolutely free of cost, now.

This is a perfect tweak which looks totally amazing especially when you use it with Barrel. Here are the words of the developer behind this tweak:

Unfold adds a smooth folding animation to your iPhone’s lock screen. The lock screen visually folds as you slide to unlock! Unfold was developed in cooperation with the designer of the fold to unlock animation, Anton Kudin. Unfold works well also with password protected devices. It works well with Intelliscreen X, Camera Grabber, Bulletin… and many other lock screen tweaks.

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