"Fold to Unlock" – Amazing way to Unlock your iPhone

Just got an iPhone, while staring at its lockscreen, you couldn’t resist to slide to unlock your iDevice? This concept has been introduced since 2007 and become a big hit. As it has been copied by many software developers for other mobile platforms.

Inspired from Apple’s concept, a Russian freelance designer, Anton Kudin has given a new touch to classical version of unlocking system and called it Unfold. This jailbreak tweak has given a new touch to your iDevices by replacing “slide to unlock” with “fold to unlock”. Does it sound surprising? Of course, and this is more surprising to note that the lock screen actually folds like Japanese folding fans while you swipe your finger impression from left to right. It goes smoothly check this out:-

Unfold works very smoothly and doesn’t burden up your iDevices by not giving extra options. It is an integrated system just like default lock screen and works even for passcode screen as well. Absolutely this is a new concept to reality. It seems very attractive to grab and to give your iOS lock screen a unique touch. Finally, this Jailbreak tweak is available in Cydia and the even best part is that you can download it for absolutely free.

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4 Responses to "Fold to Unlock" – Amazing way to Unlock your iPhone

  1. Normalis says:
    It works great but not whit à securetie code than you have à lot of trobele
  2. adrian says:
    on iphone 4s 5.1.1 it works the 1st and 2nd time…and then it just freezes..
  3. haresh says:
    i hev no ideya
  4. Lp says:
    My device started lagging after this install so i rwmoved it

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