HTCLock Brings HTC style Unlocking method on iPhone

“Slide to Unlock” was the first most amazing unlock feature which was introduced in iPhone back in 2007. This unlocking method also urged different developers to introduce new OS and user interfaces. However, are you tired of this unlocking method? Do you want to have HTC style unlocking method on your iPhone?

Here’s a brand new Cydia tweak which will help you to perform this task, Called HTClock. This tweak will bring HTC style unlocking method right on your iPhone. Using this unlock method, you can easily launch different apps such as Safari, Mail, Messages and YouTube. To open an application, simply bring the circle to any app to open it.

However, currently, this app has many bugs, such as, it will not work properly if you have enabled the password protection. Moreover, sometimes the Circle will just stick and will not open an app. But these bugs will be fixed in the next release of this app. If you still want to install this app on your iPhone, you can download it from Bigboss repo for absolutely free of charge. What are your thoughts about this tweak?

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2 Responses to HTCLock Brings HTC style Unlocking method on iPhone

  1. fuz says:
    customizeable shortcuts will be good
  2. Lp says:
    Good idea but my phone started to crash, unable to call anyone( no mic)
    Iphone4 ios 5.1.1 absinthe 2.0.4

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