Which App Draining Battery Life on iPhone

There has always been a problem of cell phones with bigger LCD’s that their batteries drain out in no time and you need to plug them to a charger in the most of the hours of a single that. And this really sucks when you are out and your battery suddenly goes down. There might be a number of reasons like high definition LCD, maximum brightness, extensive usage e.g. gaming and surfing internet over the air or background running apps.

But still sometimes your iDevices run out of battery while being in the standby mode, have you ever noticed why this happens even though you are not using your iPhone! Don’t think spooky, it is just because your location services stay on and run in the background. And this actually sinks your battery power really fast.

To avoid this happening again and again so that you can use your cell phone when you actually have to make some important calls, we are bringing you this solution. You need to check which of your apps use location services you need to follow in case you are facing this problem as :-

  1. Tap on “Settings”.
  2. Look for “Location Services” and tap it.
  3. Here you will find a number of apps which are using location services, tap each of them to switch the services “off”, left intentionally “on” for those specific apps which are important for you like “Find my iPhone”.

Thanks to OSXdaily for this tip

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